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Tabitha Dougall
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Seaford, Frankston, Mornington Peninsula, SE Suburbs VIC

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Welcome to Lightly Centered: Holistic Counselling & Psychotherapy For Women & Singing Bowl Sound Healing

Specialising in resolving trauma, child abuse & sexual assault; healing loss; turning confusion into clarity; improving relationships & self esteem; support with decluttering & hoarding (practical & psychological/emotional); working through adoption issues, anxiety and anxiety disorders including trichotillomania; dissolving depression; stress relief strategies; assisting through life transitions and women's issues...

Located at Aura Wellness Sanctuary, 56 Hartnett Drive, Seaford.

Fee:  Equivalent to Medicare gap payment of Clinical Psychologist only you don't run out of sessions!

Tabitha is a qualified and experienced trauma-informed Holistic Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Mentor, Facilitator and Trainer who promotes healing & authenticity through creative expressive modalities alongside talking therapy.  She is also a Sound Practitioner sharing the love of Tibetan Singing Bowls.

She draws from broad life experience & her own healing journey, over 30 years of personal and professional development, volunteering & coaching others, and 18 years group facilitation. She has a passion for helping those who are feeling lost to heal old wounds & resolve current difficulties in order to find their authentic selves & reach their full potential.


Every human being searches for acceptance, fulfilment and contentment. At some point along our journey we may need help to resolve the conflicts that have gathered in our lives.

Psychiatry works with chemistry of the brain; Psychology works with mechanics of the thinking; Holistic Counselling works with exploring more broadly aspects of mind, body, emotions & spirit-soul. It includes the 'thinking' and 'feeling', and a range of creative & expressive tools to address deep fears, anxiety, pain, trauma & relationship issues while unlocking your strengths, purpose, confidence, inherent gifts & rekindling your passion for life.  It has been described as 'therapy on steroids'.

Holistic counselling deals with root causes rather than labels, pathology, and symptom reduction alone. The processes work with the whole person, accessing both conscious & unconscious realms, bringing awareness to a deeper sense of self, and offering the opportunity to heal & thrive.

Having a nurturing space to sit with, listen & bear witness to all aspects of your self can lead to awakening, empowerment & growth, freeing you to find meaning, inspiration, purpose & a deeper connection with your self while unearthing unlimited potentials.

Have you had previous invalidating, condescending or judgmental experiences in therapy? It can be very disheartening but please don't give up... try Tabitha's holistic counselling for a different approach.


Guiding each session to meet your particular needs at each given moment, Tabitha utilises a variety of modalities and processes. You become the expert in your own healing journey, while you are compassionately and respectfully companioned to explore, express, process & resolve past or present difficult or worrying issues that can be a part of this intricate tapestry we call ‘life’. This usually leads to a more conscious, empowered, balanced & enriching experience of the present.

Generous with her time, sessions are a lot longer than the generalist 50 minutes. Allow an hour and a half of relaxed and thorough therapeutic time together.

Traditional talking therapies, (based in a person centered approach encouraging, honouring & valuing your own inherent wisdom), are combined with integrative creative, emotion focussed, process-experiential forms of expression which may include:

  • ART THERAPY – Induce inner transformation utilising guided creative processes including mandalas and drawing. Communicate information stored in your subconscious realms, release feelings, & an alternative expression for that which cannot be put into words. Rather than focus on aesthetic value, art therapy deals more with the process of expressing, clarifying, releasing and creating. Research shows that art therapy reduces sadness, depression and PTSD symptoms, and helps with emotional regulation, all while being relaxing, soothing and enjoyable. No artistic talent required.
  • SAND TRAY THERAPY – Translate personal experience into 3D & build the connection between your inner & outer worlds. Create landscapes in sand in which symbols can be arranged & emotional issues projected in a non-confronting way. You may experience a profound form of expression, understanding, & perspective, which can ultimately lead to release, acceptance & resolution.
  • CREATIVE VISUALISATIONS/MINDFULNESS – Would you like to find your place of stillness and presence within and meet your inner 'observer'? Withdraw from the stresses of daily life, enjoy personal guided meditations, learn to live more in the present & embark on a journey towards inner peace.
  • EMOTION FOCUSED THERAPY / BODY FOCUSING – ‘The body knows'; access, utilize & trust your body’s innate wisdom & capacity to process & heal itself through focusing inwards & working with what’s there in order to become more free, authentic, released and resolved. This technique can be applied to many issues & is particularly helpful for trauma, anxiety/confusion/stress/blocks and physical pain. Experiences can be locked up in the body and the unconscious knowledge can be tapped and permanently processed using EFT in an honouring, gentle manner.
  • SOMATIC PROCESSING – Trauma energy is stored in the body so releasing this energy from the body is important as part of recovery.
  • CREATIVE WRITING – Powerful written exercises: dream/day journalling, non-dominant hand writing, affirmations, rewriting your story and a range of other supportive processes help you let go of what's holding you back & move towards a state of happiness, inspiration & wholeness.
  • INNER CHILD HEALING - Re-connect with the playful, impulsive, creative, innocent part of yourself that is often neglected & may be calling for some nurturing, healing & empowering. Reclaiming this part of you can be profound, exhilarating & life affirming. Inner child drawing, writing, meditations, dialogue, re-parenting, two-chair processes, & psychodrama.
  • PROCESS EXPERIENTIAL/ACTIVE IMAGINATION – Do you feel conflicted? Do you find yourself wanting to do one thing but actually doing another, then having regrets? Are you experiencing confusion? Do you feel stuck? Create an enlightening dialogue between different parts of your self to find clarity, resolve, integration & wholeness. (Empty Chair/Two Chair/Psychodrama/Creative Visualisation).
  • PRACTICAL DE-CLUTTERING & HOARDING HELP – Would you like empathic practical help to sort and clear your stuff? Letting go can be challenging, anxiety provoking and sad - this service supports you psychologically and emotionally as well as offering experiential help to get your life and home back in order and organised, often uncovering long lost treasures.  (Your things aren't touched unless your express permission is given).
  • COGNITIVE BEHAVIOURAL THERAPY – sometimes it can be helpful to look at and adjust our patterns of thinking and belief systems in order to find a more fulfilling or peaceful experience of our world.
  • DREAMWORK – Ever wonder what your dreams mean? Explore hidden symbolic language of the unconscious and illuminate suppressed or shadow material. Re-connect with forgotten or neglected parts & move towards self actualization. Dreams hold vital clues to important issues in your life and listening to these messages can have a profound impact on you. Understand your dreamscapes and get to know yourself more deeply.
  • RITUAL – ritual processes can be powerful in honouring, letting go and finding closure with challenging experiences, relationship endings, transitioning and loss in our lives. For women who have never celebrated their entry into womanhood, experiencing a 'menarche ritual' can be healing, embracing of the sacred feminine, and affirming of the inner child and adult self. Ritual can also be helpful when dealing with death, grief and loss, 'unfinished business' with someone, and when ready to 'let go' of something that has previously had a hold over our lives. If we are about to enter a new life phase or experience a major change it can be transformative and supportive to design a personalised ceremony around it. The ritual is thoughtfully created and enacted together in a safe space, often creating profound and lasting shifts and integrative contentment.
  • VIBRATIONAL / SOUND HEALING – A new and innovative therapy in the West, Tibetan singing bowls have been used in shamanic, healing and spiritual practices for over 1500 years in the East. Various notes & vibrations, rich in layered frequencies, aid relaxation, physical & energetic health, chakra balancing, mindfulness and meditation. Metaphysics states we have a vibration that is a signature of our health and wellbeing. Like instruments, our bodies (mental/emotional/subtle/physical) can fall out of vibrational harmony showing up as energy disturbances, and physical illness. Vibrational healing tools like singing bowls can be useful for physical ailments (e.g. muscular/joint pain/tinnitus/etc), emotional/psychological issues (e.g.anxiety, anger), and stress and sleep problems, etc. Founder of the Center of Neuroacoustic Research, Dr. Jeffrey Thompson's articles about sound healing include a paper specifically on the effects of binaural beats on brainwaves. He found effective biological responses to various sounds and frequencies and that certain uses of sound have a direct effect on heart and pulse rate, respiration, galvanic skin response (SGR), electromyography (EMG), brainwaves (EEG) and general stress reduction.The bowls emit binaural beat frequencies inducing alpha & theta brain wave states, and offer a powerful form of relaxation and sound vibrational healing. I use high quality handbeaten and old bowls from Nepal. My cd's (Ancient Sounds of Healing) are available for sale at all my meditations, workshops & events. Check out my upcoming singing bowl workshops, trainings and retreats (see other page for details).
    Following many requests "Ancient Sounds of Healing" Singing Bowl Meditation CD was recorded. It includes a mini-meditation of 18 minutes (for quick recalibration) and a 48 minute longer meditation journey. Due to very strong reverberations of premium 7 metal bowls (with super-powerful binaural beats) the final recording had to be ascertained at a low recording volume to minimise feedback... so turn the volume right up when you settle in for your sound meditation! Soothing, nurturing and stress-melting the cd is great for anyone who has trouble sleeping or would like to relax with a quick pick-me-up.
    $15 each or special offer 2 for $20 (+ postage). To order contact Tabby: : 0422 646 021 or


    Learn how to play singing bowls for yourself or to heal others.  Regular training is available in Melbourne, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Adelaide (& more locations soon - get in contact if you have an interested group).



        Singing Bowl Armchair Training:


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