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Tabitha Dougall
Aurora Holistic Centre
56 Hartnett Drv
Seaford 3198
0422 646 021
Seaford, Frankston, SE Suburbs, Mornington Peninsula VIC

Trauma informed, holistic, emotion focused therapy, sound healing, meditation, workshops, training and retreats in Melbourne, Adelaide and Queensland


INDIVIDUAL COUNSELLING – face to face appointments available at Aura Wellness Sanctuary, 56 Hartnett Drive, Seaford. Fee: $120 / $95 concession / $85 Skype

(Session time: 60 - 90 minutes)

  • SKYPE & TELEPHONE COUNSELLING – available Australia-wide including evenings and weekends. Budget-friendly: $85
  • TEXT SUPPORT - Daily support/mentoring/check-ins can be invaluable. Especially useful to keep on track with affirmations, anxiety, negative thinking loops, detoxing, addiction recovery, etc.  Morning text service: $30 per week
  • EMPATHIC PRACTICAL DE-CLUTTERING & HOARDING HELP – Having facilitated hoarding support groups & with personal understanding of hoarding issues, this service for women offers experiential sorting & clearing steeped in heart-centered support - you're in charge and your things aren't touched unless requested. Visit Light And The Load Click Here (2 or 3 hour sessions)


SOUND HEALING WITH TIBETAN SINGING BOWLS - Clients report experiencing deep states of relaxation & peace, improving sleep, body dissolvement and 'one-ness', emotional catharsis, releasing trauma & pain, reducing tinnitus, reduction of restless leg syndrome/CFS/muscular/joint pain with increased range of movement, visions & insights, accessing other realms & spiritual, energetic experiences (e.g. astral travelling). The bowls' healing sounds help manage overwhelm, anxiety, stress, depression, anger, grief and can be cleansing and centering.

  • INDIVIDUAL SINGING BOWL TREATMENTS -  Treatment includes a collection of 7-metal bowls played on & around the body for relaxation & recalibration. Fee: $120/$95 concession for an hour.
  • SINGING BOWL MEDITATION GROUPS – Find your place of serenity & stillness within. Expect nothing of yourself while surrendering to sound baths of over a dozen Tibetan singing bowls.  They emit brainwave-altering binaural beats, abundant powerful vibrations & frequencies over & through you to restore & recalibrate your mind, body & spirit. The easiest meditation you've ever done, and without dogma.

BRIDE TO BE? – Looking for a Hen’s Party with a difference? 2 blissful options available:

  • WELLNESS RETREAT DAY - a de-stressing day full of laughs finding your own rhythm together with fun drumming & percussion, followed by a floaty singing bowl soundbath healing meditation experience. (In collaboration with Peta Minter Positive Music)!  $150 p.p. (our venue or yours)
  • SINGING BOWL SOUNDBATH EXPERIENCE - a dreamy 2 hours including special sound healing for the bride to be!  $30 p.p.




This monthly group offers one hour to retreat from life and 'Be'. No need to 'do' anything, just lay and let the singing bowls do all the work, dissolving tension in your mind and body. 

When: 7-8pm 1st Wednesday monthly
Where: Not A Gym, 62 Hartnett Drive, Seaford
Cost: $20



We will start with connecting deeply with yourself and finding balance in your busy yang life with a soul-honouring yin yoga practice with the amazing Phoebe Smith. Tune into self through a series of passive seated and reclined postures to nurture your quiet, calm centre. Get to know yourself from the inside out, as we practice stillness, patience and non-reactivity. Yin offers a much deeper connection with the layers of your body beneath the skin - the connective tissues and fascia, to increase mobility in the body and flexibility in the joints. Journey deeper into the layers of yourself and see clearly just how remarkable you really are!

What will follow is a stress-melting sound bath surrendering to powerfully healing notes, tones, vibrations and frequencies of singing bowls, ting shas and chimes as your brainwaves entrain to peace and harmony. Blockages will dissolve away in your mind, emotions and body and anything out of balance will be recalibrated.

Time & Date: 2pm – 4pm Saturday 10th November
Venue: Not a Gym, 62 Hartnett Drive, Seaford
Price: $40




Michelle (aromaZen) and Tabby (Lightly Centered) collaborate combining therapeutic essential oils and sound.

Vibrational medicine has been utilised for thousands of years in ancient cultures. Modern Western science is producing a growing body of research and evidence on its efficacy. The universal language of aroma and sound transforms us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 
Indulge in an afternoon of self healing.  Submerge all senses and cleanse your aura in an abundant aroma-cocktail of high quality luscious oils while journeying along a beautiful chakra balancing guided meditation.  
Continue to float with a powerful restorative soundbath healing experience offering all the blessings of enchanting Tibetan singing bowls. Immersed in a soothing, energising, blissful soul-massage, you will emerge from this 2 hour treat rejuvenated and blissful.
A spring clean of frequencies, vibrations and binaural beats for our bodies, psyche and soul.

Time & Date: TBA
Venue: Not a Gym, 62 Hartnett Drive, Seaford
Price: $40


Unplug from the stress and worry that life can bring and surrender to peace, bliss, healing and the easiest meditation you’ve ever tried.

Let enchanting singing bowls go to work on your mind, body and spirit with their tension-melting vibrations, soothing sounds, healing frequencies and brainwave altering binaural beats. A friendly environment for learning simple relaxation techniques and gentle forms of meditation. The meditations will be guided so all you need to do is relax your mind and body and absorb the healing energy that is created.

It has been a well known fact for centuries, that regular meditation can assist you to live your life in a more calm and relaxed way. Improve relaxation, focus, goal-setting, and sleep. Reduce musculoskeletal tension, anxiety, overwhelm, depression, trauma, emotional blocks, addiction, and much more.

When: 4pm - 5.30pm 1st Saturday each month 
Where: Simply Natural Therapies, 41 Tunstall Square, East Doncaster ( upstairs workshop room).
Cost: $30 for 90 minutes

Must be pre-booked and pre-paid direct to Simply Natural (this event always books out!): Visit: Click Here 

Women’s circles are safe non-hierarchical spaces where women of all ages can come together and share authentically whilst being encouraged, supported, heard and empowered. Conversation is facilitated to allow for equal sharing time, and there is no obligation to speak – women can just listen if they prefer and be amongst the healing community we have so often lost in our modern, fast-paced, individualistic world.

Focus is on the broad inspiration of ‘love’ and re-envisioning our lives with new vigour aligned to our values. 

When: TBA
Where: TBA
Cost: $30








- Health Practitioners and Non-Practitioners welcome

Experiential interactive workshop - A rare and affordable opportunity to learn in Melbourne...

Would you like to know more about this ancient modality for meditation and healing while learning how to play for therapeutic benefit to your clients or family & friends? Include energetic vibrational healing into your work with clients & offer something unique & subtly powerful, while also having a tool to use for centering, clearing space and recalibrating. 
This training will empower you with a new modality to add to your tool box, one that has been used for over a thousand years in cultures around the world and with a growing body of evidence showing the success of sound healing for the body, emotions and mind. Indulgent, pampering, confidence building and intensely relaxing!
Includes both level 1 and level 2 (previously completed over two half days) in the ONE DAY...
An opportunity to learn plenty of theory and indulge in abundant experiential practice utilising high quality singing bowls (for sale on the day).
Find out about:
* History & Research
* Metals & Types of Singing Bowls
* Various Playing Techniques for sound bath, massage and healing
* Chakra System, Mindfulness & Meditation
* Contra-Indications
* Plentiful Therapeutic Uses for Sound Healing with Singing Bowls on and off the body
* Trauma-Informed Principles
* Plus lots of time to practice with self healing and partner work
Time & Date: 10am - 6pm Sunday 18th November 2018
Venue: Not a Gym 
Fee: $299 Earlybird by 5th November: $275


RSVP essential - only 12 places available. (Nearly booked out).

Morning tea provided (with beautiful selection of herbal teas). Please bring a vegetarian plate to share for lunch, preferably gluten free.  Yoga mats, cushions, blankets supplied.

You will receive notes and a certificate of attendance to take away.

Great training for health practitioners while equally a beautiful day-retreat for everyone! If you've previously attended, feel free to come back for revision and more sound healing bliss and receive $50 discount.
Modern and old bowls to practice with include high quality handbeaten premium 7 metal bowls and ting shas. (Feel free to bring your own bowls to join in too!)

Singing bowls, ting shas, mallets, display pillows/rings and meditation cds are available for sale by cash/EFT only.

- Health Practitioners and Non-Practitioners welcome

Tme & Date: TBA 2019
Venue: Bloomin Lotus Yoga, 7/2 Coora Cres, Currimundi, Caloundra 

Tme & Date: TBA 2019
Venue: Yoga Alma, 299 Riding Road, Balmoral 
Fee: $295 Earlybird: $270



With Drumming, Percussion & Tibetan Singing Bowls

Seeking new inspiration to make your groups, classes, workshops, training and retreats stand out?  Want a point of difference in your industry that makes what you offer extra special to your clients?

Looking for new modalities, techniques and skills to add to your toolbox?

Music is a universal language that speaks to the heart and mind while creatively bringing people together and empowering individuals and communities.  Clinical studies have proven the health benefits of facilitated group drumming, including stress hormone reduction and immune system improvement.  Sound is a nutrient; we can either charge or discharge the nervous system by the sounds we take in through both air and bone conduction.  Sound healing reduces stress, calms thoughts & feelings, and enhances communication & emotional adaptability.

Enjoy immersive state-change experiences that will take you on a journey, laughing and having fun while learning how to play enchanting singing bowls and soul-filling drums.  Explore various methods of meditation, mindfulness and self reflection to inspire your clients and build confidence with profound, blissful experiences and powerful tools for change in your work. Anyone can do it and when you love what you do, you never have to work a day in your life! 

We will start with singing bowl tuition, history, research and playing techniques with Tabby.  Choose a singing bowl from a large high quality collection to work with (or one might choose you)!  There will be ample time to indulge in sound healing, practicing mindfulness, meditation, self massage and partner work.  Then surrender to a soothing soundbath meditation experience that will send you on a beautiful soundscape voyage to relaxation and bliss.

After lunch Peta, a percussionist, personal coach and certified rhythm facilitator from Positive Music (studied with masters from Ghana, Brazil and America) will train you in working with drums and percussion instruments with a personal development twist!  Her foundational methodologies reinforce positive thinking, positive life skills and transformation. She will teach how to encourage creativity, connection and working together harmoniously towards achieving potentiality. Fully experiential and loads of fun!  Peta is a certified Village Music Circles and Remo Drum Circle Facilitator and endorsee. 

When: TBA
Where: TBA
Cost: $270 or $250 Earlybird 


Experiential workshop for those who have attended level 1 and 2!

* Have you attended a Level 1 and 2 singing bowl training and would like more practical therapeutic experience in playing for clients, family and friends? 
* Would you like to practice techniques and healing sequences to feel more confident in your abilities whilst offering sound healing and sound massage to others?

This training retreat afternoon will empower you with lots of opportunity to grow and hone your practitioner proficiency in this profound modality for the body, emotions, mind & spirit. You will both give and receive healings and sound massage for four blissful hours and receive a Certificate of Attendance at the end. A fully experiential afternoon of fun, bliss & retreat.

Time & Date: 10am - 5pm Saturday 17th November
Venue: Not A Gym, Seaford
Price: $295 or $270 Earlybird by 5th November

* Do you need more information, tools, wisdom and education on how to help your clients/consumers with anxiety?
* Would you like an easy understanding of mental health terminology? 
* Would you like to be better equipped and more confident in your work? 
* What’s helpful and unhelpful when working with clients with anxiety and 
what is recovery?
Learn the difference between stress and anxiety; physical, emotional, cognitive, somatic, behavioural and spiritual symptoms; the human stress response (fight, flight, freeze, appease, dissociate); 3 separate categories of Anxiety Disorders as defined by the latest DSM5; Attachment Theory and its relevance to anxiety; Other Mental Health Issues.
Date: Enquire
Venue: Inservice offered
Cost: $180 per person or organisational fee negotiable



Watch this space for more details...


Greek Island dreams come true in hues of white and blue...

Yearning for a memorable overseas holiday all organised for you & with likeminded people? Want to learn how to play singing bowls for mindfulness, meditation, ceremony and healing others and claim for professional development? Escape to enchanting Santorini for breathtaking beauty, fun, sun, relaxation, healing & pampering and let out your inner goddess in the land of gods! 

Overlook town & ocean from your peaceful poolside Fira hotel, just a few minutes to the action of Santorini’s main hub, and enjoy sunsets from your Firostefani room, nestled
in the exquisite caldera overlooking spectacular views of volcano & sparkling Agean seas. 

Get loose & tune in with gentle, nurturing yoga; Melt away stress with sound-infusions of Tibetan singing bowls; Learn how to incorporate sound healing as a modality to heal others; Mindful art satiating inspired creative urges; Island & beach sight-seeing, Hike the caldera; Shop, swim, renew with plenty of time for YOU: Observe, listen, taste, smell, feel, experience, bliss out...

With comfort & indulgence in mind your exclusive retreat for 5 guests only furnishes a thoughtfully & lovingly designed program at the time of the full moon, perfect for letting go of the old & manifesting the new. An opportunity to escape, enter a lavish realm of pampering, reconnection, relaxation, local food & culture, meditation, yoga, sound healing & rejuvenation for your mind, body and spirit! For your pure delight your investment includes:

* 9 nights accommodation: Fira hotel & Firostefani caldera villa (air conditioned, wifi, pool, views)
* Delicious food: All breakfasts, 1 welcome dinner & 1 farewell sunset dinner 
* Mindfulness & Tibetan singing bowls: Profound sound healing meditation experiences
* Yoga: Sessions with gorgeous yoga teacher Phoebe Smith
* Art/Mandalas: No creative talent needed, just the inspiration all around you 
* Full moon: Letting go and manifesting sacred activity 
* Vitamin Sea: Cleansing water properties - pools, beaches, spectacular ocean views
* Shopping extravaganza: Browse abundant beautiful, unique boutiques & gift shops
* Plus Bonus 1 hr personal balancing sound healing for mind, body & soul (value: $120) 
* Everything organised so you can relax, rejuvenate & be pampered! (*All activities optional)

When:  2019 
Price: $3,500 Earlybird $100 Discount

*Own room: extra $500 *Budget option: $250 Sofabed Discount 

Heart Centered Rejuvenation & Sound Healing Retreat - TBA 2019

• Do you long to escape the city hustle & bustle to go somewhere quiet & magical?
• Would you like to experience sacred time for self reflection & connection; nurture; a chance to centre and find inner peace amongst the beauty, wisdom & tranquillity of nature?

Honour & treat yourself to a few days of Pampering for Mind, Body & Spirit:
Discover more of YOU with Meditation, Singing Bowl Vibrational Sound Therapy, Dreamwork, Art Therapy and more. Indulge in Bush Walks, Fresh Clean Air, Foot Massages, Sacred R&R Time for Self &
Healthy Nutritious Food while surrounded by Heavenly Vibrations & Magical Surroundings in a fairy treehouse/cave cottage/or Pond Zen Retreat. Rejuvenate, Indulge & Delight Every Sense. . .

Date: TBA
Venue: Mira Mira Fantasy Cottages, Crossover (90 mins from Melbourne)

$100 deposit secures your Room choice – First in First Served: Limited Places
3 Fantasy Cottages to choose from, each with 2 bedrooms and double beds:
Japanese Zen Retreat on Pond with spa (Kyoto Palace influenced nestled in a gully);
Picturesque Cave House (Warmth of Mother Earth with views:‘Bedwomb’ cave bed or 4 Poster Bed Room); 
Or Fairy Treehouse Forest Retreat with Spa (Crystal Star Spire Bedroom or Tree Bed Room)

Cost: $695 p.p. for your own enchanted room with double bed
Or $595 p.p. & share a double bed
Includes vegetarian food; 2 nights’ unique accommodation; workshops, + more!

A Retreat for Healing after Miscarriage:

Facilitating with Amanda Scott Art Therapy, this retreat is for women to explore shared experiences in a safe, nurturing space. Includes a women's circle, art therapy, creativity, symbolic processes, sound healing, optional spa, nurture and connecting with nature/the beach.

COST: $395/$345 Earlybird 

A Retreat for Healing after Pregnancy Loss by Termination:

Facilitating with Amanda Scott Art Therapy, this retreat is for the 1 in 3 women who have had an abortion to explore shared experiences in a safe, non-judgmental, stigma-free environment. Includes sharing, creative processes, sound healing with singing bowls, optional spa, nurture and connecting with nature/the beach. A rare opportunity to reveal and heal.

COST: $395/$345 Earlybird 

A Retreat for Healing for Mothers after giving Birth:

Facilitating with Amanda Scott Art Therapy, this retreat is for all women who have had a baby to share birth story and motherhood transition experiences in a safe, supported space. Includes womens circle, creative processes, sound healing with singing bowls, optional spa, nurture and connecting with nature/the beach. Share, create, play and be pampered.

COST: $395/$345 Earlybird 


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Meetup Online Group
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1 - 2 hour low cost workshops are available for groups, such as Tibetan singing bowl meditation & sound healing, art therapy/mandalas, Coping with Anxiety, Assertiveness & Resilience, etc.

Previous clients include Mental Illness Fellowship, Epilepsy Foundation of Vic, Anxiety Recovery Centre Vic, NEAMI, EACH, Association for Relinquishing Mothers & private women's and yoga retreats.


* 1st Wednesday evening each month - Surrey Hills ongoing Self Help Support Group for women with childhood trauma backgrounds. This group has been running for 14 years in Canterbury and 4 years in Surrey Hills. Cost: gold coin donation

* Blue Knot Foundation Workshops for survivors, carers and therapists of childhood abuse survivors. (psycho-educational).


The Anxiety Recovery Centre Victoria (ARCVic) runs Self Help Support Groups for people living with anxiety disorders (family/carers welcome). (Including Post Traumatic Stress). Also Self Help Support Group Facilitator Training for anyone who would like to start their own support group.

ECHOES Peer Support Group is for anyone who experiences dissociation/mulitiplicity. For more details call Sue on 0458 181 222

Call or Email…It is important to find a therapist who relates to you and one whom you can trust. Pick up the phone or send me an email to have a chat about how holistic counselling can work for you. Ph: 0422 646 021 or 

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