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Tabitha Dougall
Aurora Holistic Centre
56 Hartnett Drv
Seaford 3198
0422 646 021
Seaford,Frankston, VIC
Specialising in depression, anxiety, trauma, child abuse, sexual abuse/assault, stress, confusion, self esteem, loss, panic, adoption issues, trichotillomania, hoarding, relationships, life transitions & other women’s issues.


  • INDIVIDUAL COUNSELLING – appointments available at: Aura Wellness Sanctuary, 56 Hartnett Drive, Seaford
    Fee: $100 / $85 concession / $75 Skype (session: 1 hour - 90 minutes)

  • SKYPE & TELEPHONE COUNSELLING – also available, including evenings and weekends. A reduced rate for those on a budget $75

  • INDIVIDUAL SINGING BOWL TREATMENTS - Clients report experiencing deep states of relaxation & peace, body dissolvement and 'one-ness', emotional catharsis, releasing of trauma & pain, reduction of restless leg syndrome/CFS/muscular/joint pain with increased range of movement, visions & insights, accessing other realms & spiritual, energetic experiences. The bowls' healing sounds can help manage overwhelm, anxiety, stress, depression, anger, grief and can be cleansing and centering. Treatment includes a collection of 7-metal and old bowls played on and around the body for relaxation and recalibration. Fee: $100/$85 concession for an hour.

  • SINGING BOWL MEDITATION GROUPS – An invitation to open to a place of peace and stillness within. Expect nothing of yourself while you enjoy the wash of a Tibetan Singing Bowl sound bath and it's vibrational healing benefits. Meditation without dogma.

    Sound Healing and Meditation Seaford

    Get your singing bowl action on and warm up your heart with the soothing tones and healing frequencies of beautiful and abundant singing bowls!

    Start by choosing a bowl from the top quality selection of handbeaten, premium 7 metal, etched, thado, manipuri, jambati, old healing cups and/or ting shas and learn how to play for self healing. Following fifteen luxurious minutes of self sound massage, surrender to the sound bath of over a dozen bowls emitting brainwave-altering binaural beats, various vibrations and frequencies over and through you to restore and recalibrate your mind, body and spirit. Set an intention and let's manifest...

    Please bring your own cushion and throw/blanket.

    When: 7pm - 8pm Monday 17th July
    Where: Aura Wellness Sanctuary, 56 Hartnett Drive, Seaford
    Cost: $20 (or $15 if you bring a partner/friend)


    "LEVEL 1 & 2 Singing Bowl & Sound Vibration Training"
    - Health Practitioners and Non-Practitioners welcome

    Experiential interactive workshop - A rare opportunity to learn in Melbourne...

    Would you like to know more about this ancient modality for meditation and healing while learning how to play for therapeutic benefit to your clients or family & friends? You may wish to include energetic vibrational healing into your work with clients and offer something unique and subtly powerful, while also having a tool to use for centering, clearing space and recalibrating.

    This training will empower you with a new modality to add to your tool box, one that has been used for thousands of years in cultures around the world and with a growing body of evidence showing the success of sound healing for the body, emotions and mind. Indulgent, pampering, confidence building and intensely relaxing!

    The first time offered, this training includes both level 1 and level 2 (previously completed over two half days) in the ONE DAY...

    An opportunity to learn plenty of theory and indulge in abundant experiential practice utilising a large range of high quality singing bowls (for sale on the day).

    Find out about:

    * History & Research
    * Metals & Types of Singing Bowls
    * Various Playing Techniques for sound bath, massage and healing
    * Chakra System, Mindfulness & Meditation
    * Contra-Indications
    * Plentiful Therapeutic Uses for Sound Healing with Singing Bowls on and off the body
    * Trauma-Informed Principles
    * Plus lots of time to practice with self healing and partner work

    TIme & Date: 9.45am - 6pm Saturday 26th August
    Venue: Aura Wellness Sanctuary, Seaford
    Cost: $295 or Earlybird / concession: $195 by 16th August

    BONUS: The first 2 People to book in with payment receive their choice of a beautiful miniature premium cast bowl with miniature mallet or a singing bowl tuition book.

    Morning tea provided (with beautiful selection of herbal teas). Please bring a vegetarian plate to share for lunch, preferably gluten free.

    RSVP essential - only 10 places available.

    You will receive notes and a certificate of attendance to take away.

    Great training for health practitioners while equally a beautiful day-retreat for everyone! If you've previously attended, feel free to come back for revision and more sound healing bliss.

    Abundant modern and old bowls to practice with including high quality handbeaten jambati, thado, mani puri and old healing bowls, Nepalese premium 7 metal bowls, cast bowls and ting shas. (Feel free to bring your own bowls to join in too!)

    Singing bowls, ting shas, mallets, silk rings, books and cds will be available for sale by cash/EFT only.

    "Anxiety Informed Training" - Health Professionals

    * Do you need more information, tools, wisdom and education on how to help your clients/consumers with anxiety?
    * Would you like an easy understanding of mental health terminology?
    * Would you like to be better equipped and more confident in your work?
    * What’s helpful and unhelpful when working with clients with anxiety and
    what is recovery?

    Learn the difference between stress and anxiety; physical, emotional, cognitive, somatic, behavioural and spiritual symptoms; the human stress response (fight, flight, freeze, appease, dissociate); 3 separate categories of Anxiety Disorders as defined by the latest DSM5; Attachment Theory and its relevance to anxiety; Other Mental Health Issues.

    Date TBA

    Retreats designed to induce inner transformation.

    : Contact me for more details

    A Retreat for Healing after Miscarriage:

    Facilitating with Amanda Scott Art Therapy, this retreat is for women to explore shared experiences in a safe, nurturing space. Includes a women's circle, art therapy, creativity, symbolic processes, sound healing, optional spa, nurture and connecting with nature/the beach.

    COST: $395/$345 Earlybird

    A Retreat for Healing after Pregnancy Loss by Termination:

    Facilitating with Amanda Scott Art Therapy, this retreat is for the 1 in 3 women who have had an abortion to explore shared experiences in a safe, non-judgmental, stigma-free environment. Includes sharing, creative processes, sound healing with singing bowls, optional spa, nurture and connecting with nature/the beach. A rare opportunity to reveal and heal.

    COST: $395/$345 Earlybird

    A Retreat for Healing for Mothers after giving Birth:

    Facilitating with Amanda Scott Art Therapy, this retreat is for all women who have had a baby to share birth story and motherhood transition experiences in a safe, supported space. Includes womens circle, creative processes, sound healing with singing bowls, optional spa, nurture and connecting with nature/the beach. Share, create, play and be pampered.

    COST: $395/$345 Earlybird


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    1 - 2 hour low cost workshops are available for groups, such as Tibetan singing bowl meditation & sound healing, art therapy/mandalas, Coping with Anxiety, Assertiveness & Resilience, etc. (Previous clients include Mental Illness Fellowship, Epilepsy Foundation of Vic, Anxiety Recovery Centre Vic, NEAMI, EACH, Association for Relinquishing Mothers & private women's and yoga retreats).


    * 1st Wednesday evening each month in Surrey Hills - ongoing Self Help Support Group for women with childhood trauma backgrounds. This group has been running for 14 years in Canterbury and 3 years in Surrey Hills. Cost: gold coin donation

    * Blue Knot Foundation Workshops for survivors, carers and therapists of childhood abuse survivors. (psycho-educational). See for details.


    The Anxiety Recovery Centre Victoria (ARCVic) runs Self Help Support Groups for people living with anxiety disorders (family/carers welcome). (Including Post Traumatic Stress). Also Self Help Support Group Facilitator Training for anyone who would like to start their own support group. For more information visit

    ECHOES Peer Support Group is for anyone who experiences dissociation/mulitiplicity. For more details call Sue on 0458 181 222

    Call or Email…It is important to find a therapist who relates to you and one whom you can trust. Pick up the phone or send me an email to have a chat about how holistic counselling can work for you. Ph: 0422 646 021 or

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