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Tabitha Dougall
Aurora Holistic Centre
56 Hartnett Drv
Seaford 3198
0422 646 021
Seaford, Frankston, Mornington, SE Suburbs VIC

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"Tabby is a gift to all goddesses, I'm truly blessed to have met her and changed forever.” D.S. 2017 Retreat Participant 

"This retreat was a lovely way to enjoy the sunshine, connect with supportive people and have space to reflect, grow and invoke all the senses within a spiritual framework. Tabitha is a wonderful and attentive facilitator. Would definitely recommend!” 2017 Retreat Participant 

"You are such a genuine and deeply caring person. You go out of your way to listen to others and acknowledge their essence, and in that you bring light into people's lives. In my opinion I think you serve as a conduit between the spiritual and physical worlds - I have seen this through the work that you do with your sound healing, and also by how you live your life in your interactions with others. Because you are non-judgemental and so interested in others, you help people see past their ego selves to their truer self, which is such a huge gift. Thank you for being in this world..” Jodie Lee 2017 Fellow Therapist 

"My family and I enjoyed Tabitha playing her beautiful bowls on Saturday night and it was such a wonderful way to spend time together. All cozy in our front room, including Jackson our dog, Tabitha soothed away the week and revitalized us all. I'm really looking forward to booking up again.” Bec 2015 

"Tabby’s counselling sessions have helped me to connect with myself in order to make important decisions. Her intuitive responses and words of wisdom have enabled me to make some wonderful changes in my life.
I have really enjoyed Tabby’s use of different modalities to explore the issues I bring up. The two chair work has been really beneficial for me. I have been able to express various aspects of myself in order to more fully understand what is going on underneath. It has been fantastic to know that within my busy daily life, I can get in touch with my inner wisdom and sense of self. On many occasions, Tabby’s counselling sessions have felt like a calm place in the middle of a storm." 

Counselling Client 2015

"After having lived in Australia for two and a half years, my partner left me. He was the only family I had in Australia, (migrated from Argentina). I found myself all alone, miles away from family and felt depressed, distressed, stressed and had a panic attack. I had done eight years of psychological therapy in the past in Argentina. Finding psychological support was a life or death decision for me. It was getting harder and harder to continue doing simple daily routine things. A friend who is a counsellor recommended Tabby. I instantly connected with her. She listened and explained what holistic counselling was about. It was something completely new to me, as I was used to the more traditional methods where you feel you are the only one with a problem and the professional in front of you is a kind of God. With Tabby, I felt at ease from the very beginning and, even though I had a lot of work to do ahead, I felt there was a light at the end of the tunnel every time I left the sessions. Holistic counselling changed my life. Tabby was interested in me as a person, in my preferences. She gave me the tools to help myself & trust myself. Some benefits of counselling with Tabby:
- A more humane approach to therapy, adapting to the individual’s needs
- Specialist in areas which relate to her own experience, providing her with the ability to empathise with her clients. For example, she would sometimes share with me her own experience. At those times, I would feel I was not alone.
- She not only wants you to recover, but wants to make sure you leave with life lasting tools to be able to help yourself. She doesn’t want you to need her!
- Helps you solve deep rooted problems, without prescribing medicine. Empowers you, so you are able to look after yourself and others around you. It’s like a domino effect.
Thanks to counselling I could continue working to fulfil my role in society. I rediscovered the enjoyment of practising my favourite sport and enjoyment for life. I made new friends. My confidence grew in unimaginable ways. I will always remember the year 2012 as a turning point in life. What is more, I met the love of my life, who is my best friend and now my husband. I allowed myself for the first time to be in a healthy and loving relationship. I helped him through difficult times too. My counselling experience proved to be healing for me and the people around me.”

Giselle Insausti 24/09/2015

"From the moment I arrived the energy was beautiful. Tabby you come from the heart, it shines through. Love your humility and the way you present - it all just flowed. Loved the day". A.W. Training participant September 2017

"Beautiful experience. Very informative. Thank you for facilitating. Very special. Fantastic job Tabby - calm, gentle, kind and you provided a space that was very safe and comforting for all. The venue was lovely. Safe and warm space. Full of natural light and positive energy. A great space to walk into and spend the day exploring this modality. All well run, great group of people, safe and positive space for everyone to experience this gorgeous vibrational modality. I look forward to continuing my journey with the bowls and sound healing. Thank you." Training participant September 2017

"The day was amazing. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and the love you have for what you do". Training participant September 2017

"I have been doing Tabby's singing bowl meditation class now for 5 months. I have got a chronic health condition. In this time I have been doing classes I really have enjoyed every one of them. Experiences that I have never felt before like astral travel, visions of places, etc. It truly is a great experience. Also I have been on very strong pain medications - all of those I have reduced and even gone 75 days without anything at all which is truly amazing for me, considering I was taking them everyday. One of my other medications I am also starting to reduce which I have been taking for the last 12 years. My specialist even asked what I was doing as my blood work is showing improvement, and encouraged me to keep doing it. I feel a lot calmer and able to handle stressful situations a lot better. I also did Tabby's 2 night retreat at Mira Mira that was totally amazing and I highly recommend it to everyone along with the singing bowl classes. Life is a journey; our journey; and we all have to try what ever it takes to heal ourselves because we can. I encourage you all again to come along to Tabby's classes and see what experiences you have... you might surprise yourself. Tabby is such a lovely soul - keep up the great work Tabby. .”
 Helen Group Participant 2015

"I came to Tabitha experiencing lower back pain (which had been constant for over a month). I had tried restorative yoga and massage to no avail. I also did not want to take medication as I believe in healing things naturally. Tabitha spent time putting me into a meditative state with the singing bowls. I felt completely safe and relaxed. She then used the bowls on my lower back and I could feel them vibrating through me. After the sound healing, I was really aware of energy moving out of my lower back. I woke up the next morning with the pain greatly reduced! Tabitha’s sound healing also gave me the space to realise that I needed to be kinder to myself and as a result I have rested my body over the past couple of weeks, which has added to the healing of my back but also, of my mind.”
Rebekah Volgin BA(Hons) Psych. 2014

"Thanks for a great arvo. I love my singing bowl and experienced some wonderful/interesting things even after the meditation. My whole body experienced flushing and waves of heat and things felt a bit surreal. Nothing too intense and some grounding helped. I also experienced waves of intense feelings of gratitude towards my loved ones. My hands were quite jittery and I couldn't quite grip onto things properly for a while. Energetic/vibrational healings definitely resonate with me so thanks again for the meditation, I felt very comfortable there (including falling asleep with mild snoring) lol."
Meditation Group Participant 2016

"Have had the best day. Feel recharged and now totally connected to and understanding of the healing power of sound." Level 1 Singing Bowl Workshop Participant

"For me the greatest strength of this workshop is Tabitha. :-) Your relaxed, confident, yet authentic style is very reassuring and welcoming." 
Level 1 Singing Bowl Workshop Participant

"You are an amazing mentor with the most beautiful energy. Have learnt so much. Am really excited to keep learning and practicing." 
Level 1 Singing Bowl Workshop Participant

"Professional, well-balanced afternoon, helpful, easy to follow, learnt new skills, feel confident to begin practising. Well explained, good balance between talking and doing"
Level 1 Practitioner Training Participant

"Tabitha was a great facilitator - calm, helpful, welcoming. Very valuable - learnt a wonderful new skill" 
Level 1 Practitioner Training Participant

"A gently paced day - a delightful nurturing experience. Thank you Tabitha for your wisdom, experience and nurturing presence" Level 1 PractitionerTraining Participant

"Loving, healing journey. We bought our wedding bands along for special blessing. Perfect space. Thank you for holding the space so beautifully as always. Incredibly special time for us. Heartfelt gratitude and big love!" 
Level 2 Singing Bowl Workshop Participant

"Everything was amazing and really healing" 
Rejuvenation Retreat Participant

"Beautiful and restorative retreat full of love" 
Rejuvenation Retreat Participant

"I appreciate the considerable support & care you & the group have given me this year. It was an incredibly empowering experience to meet with you & the others, have the honour of hearing your stories which helped to validate my past. Am now engaged in building the life I deserve instead of looking back. Its quite exciting the changes that are happening for me as I build a wonderful life for myself. I have come such a long way from (5 months ago) attending my first group with you when I still felt so unheard, abandoned & isolated. Now I feel heard, reconnecting, healing & claiming my deserved place in society. For the first time I am standing up & feeling confident to be this amazing person. To my biggest surprise I'm an artist, a creative, confident & interesting person. Thank you for your kind & respectful support. You are delightful person doing a wonderful job supporting others as they journey to empower themselves." 
Group Participant

"Thanks for the group tonight Tabby. To have the space to share, be myself, be known, without fear of judgment is such an essential aspect of healing-& I think that 'space' was there tonight". 
Group Participant

"I had the most amazing re-inforcement of the session we had together, when you introduced to me for the first time that all the characters/voices in my dream are part of my psych... it has opened up a whole new world to me. I now have conversations with the distressing characters in my dreams, & I am learning so much!" 
Group Participant

"You have a very warm, encouraging style, you were very considerate & conscious of the needs of everyone in the group. I felt really comfortable & the space felt safe". 
Workshop Participant

Diploma Holistic Counselling;
Diploma Youth Work;
Certificate IV Training & Assessment;
4 Day Personalised Sound Healing Training 1 to 1 Nepal 2019;
Lamar Tendar Singing Bowl Workshop;
The Centre for Adolescent Health BEST PLUS Family Support Group training;
ASIST Suicide Intervention Certificate;
Process Experiential Emotion Focused Technique (PEEFT) Training & PEEFT Trauma Training;
ASCA & CASA Trauma informed training for professionals;
Bessel VanDerKolk Trauma training;
Vanish Adoption Training for professionals;
CBT Training;
Anxiety Disorders Training;
Peer Support Group Convenor Training;
RMIT OH&S Certificate; First Aid Certificate; Working with Children Check; member of the Holistic Therapists Association (HTA);
Founding Member & inaugural Committee of Management - Centre for Emotion Focused Practice;
Member of (previous) Advocates for Survivors of Child Abuse/Adults Surviving Child Abuse (ASCA/Blue Knot Foundation)

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